This Single Question Will Help You to Understand Your Customer.

An effective sales process includes the discovery phase. Asking the right questions shows the customer that you care and will lead to presenting the right solution.

Some answers are more revealing than others. This question will help you understand how much they are willing to pay.


Should you ask your customer what their budget is?

There’s an old age debate about whether you should ask your prospective customer about budget. Success is hit and miss. Some will tell you straight. Other’s won’t tell you at all, and a few will lie and tell you a figure under their true budget. 

Either way, the question is a gamble that sometimes is no help at all and can be a hindrance if you pitch to a budget that wasn’t real. You may even be forcing the customer to put a, previously unthought of, limit on a purchase that they don’t yet know the value of.

They may even think that you care more about what value they are to you than their needs.

Once you gain experience, you can be fairly accurate in knowing how much your customer will spend without asking them. In the early days, it’s common for salespeople to leave off important features for fear of pricing themselves out of the deal.

This question will tell you more about them than any other and it’s simple. It will tell you whether they want quality or something to fill a gap.

How do you want to feel about your …… when they are/it’s installed?

It’s a non-invasive question that will make them think, and indicate that you care about selling them the product that is right for them.

Do they want to feel a thrill every time they walk in the room for years to come?

Do they just want windows to fit in with the houses around them? Would they feel self-conscious if their house stood out as different?

Are they bothered about how their bedroom looks or do they just want maximum storage for their money?

Do they want their friends approval? A ‘Wow’ kitchen that impresses their guests? Or do they want to feel cosy in a place for all the family to hang out? Do you explain the difference between the ‘Wow’ factor and the ‘Aah’ factor?

The more you know about your customer’s aspirations, the easier you will find it to present the right product. You’ll know whether to add bells and whistles that increase the price or to keep it simple to keep the price down.  When you summarise, you’ll have more relevant information to add to your customer’s story before asking for the ‘vital admission’.

It’s useful to keep some pictures of work that you’ve done with a total price by it. This is an easy way to price condition as it isn’t clear exactly what’s included in the price. It opens up dialogue about money as they give you their opinion about the value that the pictures represent. As you build your portfolio of previous work, it becomes easier to show them something that is relevant to their own needs.

Look after your customer and the money comes. Happy Selling!


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Asking questions is more than about getting answers. It is also the way to build trust and rapport.