The Importance of Knowing Your Target Market.

Aligning your brand and your offers with your target market ensures more consistent success.

When you understand the importance of knowing your target market, you can align your business with the ideals of the customer.

In the home improvement business, the type of customers is dictated mostly by who contacts you. When they contact you, unless you are a well-known name with a recognisable brand, they have no idea if you are right for them. Nor do you know if they are right for you.

Unless it’s immediately obvious, you can spend quite a long time moving them down the chain with several design visits before one of your ‘links’ isn’t right for them and they ‘drop off your chain’.

Most social media and advertising in home improvements is generic. Even the national companies do little more than post pictures that could be suitable for any house. They don’t speak of values or resonate with a lifestyle.

Some of the larger companies are known to be either expensive or cheap as with Everest, who are known to be expensive and Safestyle, who are perceived to be cheap.

In the ‘Master Your Marketing’ course this week, we are focusing on branding so I thought I would just show you the section where I talk about my ideal customer when I worked with Hammonds.

If I had an appointment with my ideal customer who I call Graham and Sue, I knew that I was almost 100% certain to sign an order. Everything that I do is designed around them and the Hammonds product and pricing was at the right level.

When you know who your ideal customer is, you can adjust your brand, your offer and your marketing to speak their language.

When your marketing speaks to your ideal customer, you attract more enquiries from customers who are right for you and less from those who are not.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t sell to others who are not your target. Marketing doesn’t target directly. It radiates. Having a target market and designing marketing to speak to them increases the chances of attracting the right people and reduces enquiries from buyers who are not right for you.

Work smarter, not harder. If you can only see 10 customers in a week, doesn’t it make sense that they would be ideal customers?

Watch this 3 minute video to understand the importance of knowing your target market.

When you know who your ideal customer is, you can adjust your brand, your offer and your marketing to speak their language.

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