Home Improvement Sales Training.

Make the most of your enquiries by giving yourself the best chance of success.

Sales and marketing for businesses who want more local customers.

Passionate About the Promotion of Excellence in the Home Improvement Industry.

Home Improvement Sales Training is Included in Your Membership

The landscape of home improvement sales is changing. More customers are becoming educated about false discounts and high-pressure tactics.

Create a consistent process for excellent customer experience to ensure consistency.

A step by step guide to creating a sales process is included in your membership.  This will help you to sell more by creating an excellent customer experience without being too pushy, ‘salesy’ or dropping the price to it’s lowest.

The home improvement sales training is dripped weekly but you’ll receive information and a framework that will improve your chances of a sale right from the start. We start by building a framework around you, your personality and the way you like to work. This is fleshed out during the monthly membership This helps you to integrate the changes gradually and naturally.

Where appropriate, variations are included depending on what you sell.

Your sales training includes:

Pre-course Information

Your guide to The Home Improvement Sales Academy.

The Four Themes

An overview of the four themes – Sales, Communication, Buyer Behaviour and Motivation.

Transition Week

Think about your career in a new way and make a fresh start full of enthusiasm.

The Sales Process

A sales process helps you to take control and ensures consistency in completing your call.

First Impressions

Your introduction will pave the way for you, creating trust and openness.

The Expert Position

Position yourself as an expert to stand head and shoulders above the competition.

Discovery Questioning

Show empathy and build rapport by asking the right questions.

Presentation Skills

Present yourself, your product and your company to impress your customer and engage them.

Present the Solution

Use what you’ve learned to present the right solution and exceed their expectations.

Presenting the Price

Negotiate skills to ensure a win win result. It is not a battle to be fought over price.

Closing Skills

There is nothing to fear when closing is the natural culmination of a great customer experience.

Wrap Up Week

Poor consolidation is the biggest cause of cancellations.  Protect your precious order.

Why Our Training is Different.

> Designed Specifically for the Home Improvement Industry.

> Uses SPARK Principles™ for success to underpin the traits required to succeed.

> Includes weekly inspirational emails to guide to trainings.

> Use of training modules is tracked so that we can encourage regular use.

> Uses the Narratory Method™ to encourage story telling to connect with customers emotional needs.

> Includes customer psychology in a field that we completely understand.

> More comprehensive than any other training available.

> Offers continued support.

This course has been designed specifically for you. It has been created by people who have been working out there with you and faced all of the difficulties that you face.

The course takes into account that many of you are not ‘career’ salespeople. You don’t want to be pushy or ‘salesy’. We understand the responses you face and the things that customers say. We know the pressure you deal with to get the order or not get paid and we know the conflict between high discount marketing and being authentic with the customer.

This is like your top salesperson just sitting down with you to tell you everything they’ve learned in 35 years of selling.

Home improvement sales training uses SPARK Principles™ for success as a framework for training because knowledge is not enough. You are encouraged to develop the traits and characteristics to ensure success.

We believe in ethical sales practices.


This membership is for home improvement sales professionals who take pride in what they do and sell in an ethical way. That does not mean that we are airy-fairy about closing. On the contrary, we recognise the importance of breaking the buying cycle as soon as possible.

We teach people to be sales champions. This means creating an excellent customer experience from the introduction, through presenting, discovery, closing and consolidation. We teach through all of the layers which includes customer psychology, mindset and communication skills.