Pink Front Doors

It’s tempting to choose favourite colours when you are buying a long-dreamed of item but will you love a pink front door forever?

There is something very soft and welcoming about soft pinks, but when you are spending a lot of money on a purchase that must last for years, you have to consider whether you will love a pink front door for many years.#

Pink Front Doors on Social Media

Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are all showcasing pink this year. No doubt it has it’s appeal. We all want our home to look inviting and a pink front door does that, with a cosy cottage feel to it.

A pink front door stands out as being different and is a clue to visitors that the person who chose this front door remains true to their ideals.

Customers often start their purchasing journey by saving pictures of bright colours but defer to the sensible choice when it comes to parting with the money.

Choosing neutral colours for the permanent and expensive fixtures allows you to use colour in less expensive decor items such as paint and fabrics.

Pink Front Door With Rose-gold Furniture

This front door with embellishment by the Sweet Door Company takes pink a step further with pink tones in the hardware.

The tones of this pink work well with the brick and is light enough that it almost becomes a neutral. This is a shade that you could love for many years.

Helped by the wreath, this door gives an inviting look with promises of comfort and home baked-cookies and hot chocolate in front of the fire.


Test the Colour First

It’s a shame that you can’t test drive a pink front door before making a permanent choice but you can take steps to give you more confidence in your choice. Pictures in brochures are not enough to give the right impression.

If you are replacing an old door, buy some pink paint and paint the whole door or even a big patch. It’s only for a few days, so you don’t need to prepare the surface. You just need to be faced with a big patch of pink.

If you can’t paint the old item, just buy some pink wallpaper and create a pink space with that. ‘I Want Wallpaper’ has a wide range of plain colour wallpapers that are not too expensive. 

Even if you have to invest £20 to prevent a mistake that costs thousands, it will be worth it. It will also save the stress of worrying about whether you’ve made a mistake while you’re waiting for it to arrive. More importantly, it may give you the confidence to commit to the colour you really want instead of retreating to the safe choice.

Take a picture of your house and then either superimpose the new door on to it if you have computer skills or print the picture and stick a picture of the new door on it.

You can also use the Endurance Door Designer to design your door then upload it onto a picture of your door. Try out a door designer.

The shade of your pink door will also affect how long you love it for.

This door, showcased by Vista Panels has a coral tone which is offset very nicely by silver hardware. The rose-gold of the picture above may be a bit much with this stronger colour.

The strength of the colour could also be reduced by choosing a style with more glass panels or with a contrast colour such as white or woodgrain for the frame.

The gorgeous Bumble Bee door knocker can be bought for £45 at Coates and Warner.


Should you choose a pink front door if you are planning to sell your house?

While the colour of your front door will not affect the value of your house, the first impression is always important. We could not claim that pink doors have mass appeal.

‘Home and Property’ say that you should choose a colour with kerb appeal. Although ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’, there are colours that appeal to the masses more than others.

‘Shiny black à la No 10 Downing Street, or a nearly black shade, are classic front door choices that won’t scare the horses, particularly on white stucco houses, while rich, deep reds and smart navy blues are timeless and work well with red-brick properties’. Homes& Property.

Your choice may be affected by how long you plan to live in the house yourself. If you are refurbishing with the intention of selling on quickly, maybe save your dream pink door for when you find your ‘home for life’.

The owner of this pink front door was ordered to paint it by the council.

Cotswold District Council said her property was a listed building and the colour of the door was “causing harm”.

The authority has since confirmed it planned to take no further action.

Although it is believed that the owner was allowed to keep her from door in this case, if you do have a listed building, it’s worth checking with the council before committing to your colour choice.


If you change your mind, can you paint it?

It is very difficult to get a really good finish on composite doors. Although there are companies that offer a painting service, it may be more cost-effective to just buy a new composite door.

The composite door company recommend that only timber doors should be repainted. They have written a detailed blog about which doors can be painted well.

If you are unsure but really want a pink door, choose a light shade.

This pink front door by The London Door Company allows a compromise.

While definitely pink, it is light enough to be considered neutral. It still has a welcoming presence and works well with the traditional brass furniture and black and white tiles but is less likely to tire if your pink phase ends.

Choose a lighter shade if you want your door to blend with the house rather than stand out as a feature in its own right.

If you want an energy efficient door but have a narrow or short door, contact Aztec Windows in Coventry who manufacture small composite doors.

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