Navigating the Home Improvement Minefield

The essential consumer guide to negotiating a fair price, choosing wisely and avoiding costly mistakes.

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About the Book

How This Book Will Save You Money

It is no exaggeration to state that this book could save you thousands of pounds, depending on the amount spent. A conservatory price of £48,000 – half price £24,000 can still have approximately £7,000 discount for the salesperson to play with. He will only give as much discount as necessary, as the more he gives, the less he earns. Knowledge of how the salesperson operates will enable you to ensure that the entire available discount is applied rather than the portion he thinks is necessary to make it seem like he is giving a good deal.

This Book Explains 

• How the pricing structure works.
• The phrases that salespeople use to manipulate customers into purchasing.
• How psychological fears are used to persuade buyers to make a hasty decision.

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Download the first chapter free


And There’s More….

The price you pay will depend upon your ability to take control of the process and negotiate. The tactics that salespeople use, both legitimate and fraudulent, are exposed for you to avoid being a victim. There is also advice to help you make informed choices and understand your order to ensure that the product is as expected when it arrives. The latter is a basic consumer right, but this book would not be necessary if that happened as often as it should.

You will also:


Learn how to negotiate the best price


Know which questions to ask


Make sure you have an experienced designer


Understand how to evaluate your quotes impartially


Save months of misery by avoiding common mistakes


Make sure you purchase a product that you will love


Learn how to say no or cancel the order

Unbiased Advice

Unbiased advice about home improvement purchases is only available for consumers after mistakes are made when it is too late

  • Save money.
  • Avoid mistakes.
  • Negotiate with confidence.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety.

The salesperson is not your friend. They spend time with you for one reason only. They want to sell to you. It is their job to make you like them.

The salesperson is not your friend
Customer represented as pawn

Customers are mere pawns in the game of sales, a necessary evil in the pursuit of profit.