Ask For The Order.

Are you doing your customer a disservice when you won’t ask for the order?

You may offer the best solution for your customer but sometimes when you walk away, they forget their conversation with you.


Are your customer’s missing out because you won’t ask for the order?

You could be doing your potential customer a disservice by not asking for their business.

Too often small businesses miss out on orders because they don’t like to ‘close’. Worse than that, the customer potentially misses out on the better quality you may provide them.

The belief is that ‘selling is tacky’. They don’t want to be thought as too ‘salesy’ or too pushy. They don’t want to risk alienating the customer, thinking that their product and knowledge will speak for itself. That would be true if competitors operated in the same way, but they don’t. They use sales tactics to generate FOMO – the Fear of Missing Out – often as compensation for poor sales skills and inferior products.  Despite the media attention, buyers still do not realise that there is no such thing as ‘a deal that it is only available on the day’.

If you refuse to ‘close’, are you designing your sales process in line with the way that customers buy? There is nothing to fear in asking for the order if you have given the customer a great experience and satisfied all their emotional and practical needs. When you’ve earned the right to ask for the order, closing is a natural process that does not feel pushy. It’s just an obvious conclusion to the process.

‘Customers do not buy the best or the cheapest product – they buy the one that is communicated to them in the clearest way that makes sense to them’.

Potential customers may be excited when they’re with you and the adrenaline is pumping with excitement and serotonin floods the brain. They leave feeling satisfied and you are sure they will choose you, but you may have underestimated the power of emotions in buying decisions. You’re not the first thing on your customer’s mind. They will have forgotten how keen they were by the next day. The next salesperson they see will be the one to create the excitement, and you could be lost in the ‘fear of missing out on a good deal’, even if your product and service is better. ‘

There is nothing tacky about selling when you put your customers first and serve them wholeheartedly.

Selling is a selfless act of service. Believe in your product, create a fantastic experience and ask for the order. You may be saving them from buying an inferior product from someone who wasn’t afraid to ask.

To understand the tactics that your competitors are using, download the PDF. This might help you to realise that you may be helping your customer by asking them to do business with you. You know that you provide a better service than the national companies, so let your customers know.

Believe in your product, give your customer a great experience and asking for the order is a natural conclusion.

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Ask for the order.