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Sian WoodHISA Business Support Ltd is headed by me -Sian Wood.

I have 30 years experience in sales with over 15 years in various aspects of the Home Improvement Industry. I have owned my own interiors business which supplied conservatory blinds, awnings, soft furnishings and anything else you could think of to hang on a window.   I have been the top designer/salesperson at four of the biggest home improvement companies in the country without ever putting the customer under pressure or offering ‘deals that are only available on the night’. These companies include Wren Kitchens, Everest Home Improvements, Hammonds Bedrooms and Thomas Sanderson.

Our Philosophy in sales is based on ‘look after the customer and the money comes.  We are adamantly opposed to high-pressure sales tactics and our sales training is based on building rapport and trust, understanding the customer and providing excellent customer experience. I am so opposed to high-pressure tactics that since leaving the industry, I have campaigned to outlaw these tactics and educate the customer through our sister site.

We are passionate about helping small businesses compete against the big boys. There is no reason why not. They have just as good a product, can usually compete on price, and certainly have better customer service. We continually encourage consumers to look at local companies rather than click on the first two ads on Google.

Originally I gave up sales to build online training. When COVID hit, my clients were more interested in knowing how to get clients rather than how to sell to them. It through helping them that the priority of the business has become Local SEO.

What small business don’t have is the ability, or budget to dominate the first spot on Google, other than on Google locally. Nor should you. We will help you target the right market for your business.

Business owners often resist asking for the order for fear of seeming pushy. How often does the customer promise to come back and you never see them again? There is nothing wrong with asking for the order and there are plenty of ways of doing so without putting pressure on. You’ll be doing the customer a favour if you have saved them from making a horrible mistake. We help you sell without being pushy.

While many of our services are easily transferable to other industries, we prefer to focus on the home improvement industry. Partly because our knowledge is already vast, making it easy to quickly learn your business and tailor our services to your needs rather than provide generic information, but mostly because we love it. There is nothing like helping a young couple complete their new home or working with someone who has saved their whole life for a dream conservatory or kitchen.

Now more than ever, as we enter uncertain times, it is crucial that the potential of every contact with a customer is maximised. We’d love to help you do that. Your initial consultation is free.


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