About Me

A Philosophical Approach to Work, Rest, Play and Growth

I do many things, and this website is a hub for all of them. Grow your business, learn local marketing, save money on home improvement purchases or be inspired to age with positivity.

Sian Wood

When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.

– Marcus Aurelius

I didn’t learn to be grateful for life until the last few years. I gave up working for Hammonds Bedroom Furniture in my 50s.  I taught myself how to build a website, intending to build online sales training. This was risky and ambitious. To succeed, I knew I had to remove blocks that have held me back since childhood. It was this that started me on a new journey that has led to me being happier than I have been. I’ll be publishing content on the things I’ve learned and my journey to positive ageing.


I’ve only discovered Stoicism in the last couple of years.  It has helped me to embrace ageing and live my life more intentionally, with greater reflection. It’s given me the courage to take risks, make tough decisions, and really focus on what matters in life. I’ve also been able to better respond calmly and objectively to difficult situations because of Stoicism. All in all, Stoicism has a lot to say about how to live a good life no matter what age you are. The essence is that it’s not what happens that counts but how you react to it.

My Mission & Vision

I am still incredibly ambitious. I have always been a striver and take on new challenges constantly in my work and personal life. I have three big work ambitions.


Help 1,000 local businesses grow


Build a website that I can sell to retire


Inspire others to age positively

Where I live

I live in the beautiful town of Titchfield on the South Coast. It’s more like a village, full of quaint houses that keep their character because of the conservation area.

My Family

I have three daughters, six grandsons, one great-grandson, one granddaughter and another baby girl on the way.


I keep pretty busy. I keep fit by running, going to the gym and cycling in the summer. I love paddle boarding and am keen to tour the country paddling the many rivers. I also play golf and bowls.

I take up a lot of hobbies. Some last, some don’t. I have a lot of kit to do creative things like paint – pictures and peg dolls, and make jewellery. I am also learning to play the Ukulele.

Experience Icon


Over thirty years of experience in sales encompassing many products. The last twenty years have been focused on home improvements, including owning my own retail business. 

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Digital Marketing for Local Businesses, Website Design, Content Creation and Strategy. Sales Training, Marketing Strategy, Consumer Insights, and Branding. Data Analysis.

Philosophy Icon


My philosophy centers on a lifelong curiosity, striving with integrity in every endeavor, and demonstrating unwavering perseverance in the face of challenges, all while embracing the wisdom that comes with experience.

Core Values


Continuous Learning

I have a passion for acquiring knowledge and discovering new things. 



My interest in Stoicism and positive ageing aligns with a belief in facing challenges head-on, learning from them, and growing stronger.



I strive to live with unwavering integrity, ensuring that every action and decision aligns with my core values and principles.



Through my writings and desire to share knowledge, I aim to empower others with the tools and insights to make informed decisions.



My perseverance remains unyielding, propelling me forward with unwavering determination and resilience.