Sian Wood

A Philosophical Approach to Work, Rest, Play and Growth

With years of experience and learning, I value the insights I’ve gained and am eager to share them with others. My approach is one of reflection, resilience, and continuous growth. Whether it’s understanding the nuances of sales and consumer behaviour or delving into the philosophical realms of work, rest, play, and personal growth as we age, I am on a perpetual journey of understanding and enlightenment.

Sian Wood Later Life by Design

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I specialise in growing local home improvement companies. Services include Local SEO, Website Design and Paid Search.

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Learn how to grow your business with local marketing.

Positive Aging

With each passing year, I find a deeper appreciation for the beauty of life and the opportunity to inspire others with a positive outlook on aging.

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When you spend your hard-earned money creating your dream home, you need to know you’re getting value for money and the best advice.

Sales Process

Without a systematic approach, sales can become haphazard, reactive, and devoid of strategy. For consistent sales, you need a consistent sales process.


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“Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.”

Marcus Aurelius

Roman Emperor & Stoic Philosopher

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Based in Titchfield, Hampshire. UK.

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